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Born and educated on the Isle of Man, now living in Tenerife, I have had a life long interest in all types of art.  From an early age I was fascinated with drawing and painting.  Working three–dimensionally in wood has been a natural progression, enabling me to achieve a radically different form of self expression.

Sometimes, pieces have to be altered, to take into account “faults” in the timber, which only become apparent during construction.  This process can add to the character of the sculpture, or cause the form to change organically in the making.Logo

My work can be designed for either indoor or outdoor settings.  In both instances the lighting is very important, to display the piece most advantageously.  Natural light, altering throughout the day, can cause dramatically different effects and shadows, which can enhance the work.
Working Hard
Much of my sculpture takes its inspiration from natural forms, and is designed to be tactile. For me, touching the sculpture is a highly important part of appreciating the form, and fully understanding it.